Kimberley Australia

Kimberley Australia
Camel riding along the beach when the sun goes down Cable Beach in Broome and a plane ride across the mountain peaks Bungle Bungle Ranges. Explore the vast Lake Argyle and see the waves higher than houses on the islands of Buccaneer Archipelago. Double axle vehicle ride along the Gibb River Road through the canyon and river, or browse the red dirt road from Broome to the remote Dampier Peninsula. Welcome to the Kimberley - a world with wide horizons, ancient gorges, weird rock formations, rock pools are comfortable and beautiful golden beaches.

Five magic that can be seen in Kimberley

Kimberley Australia1. Broome: beach, pearl and dinosaur tracks
Camel ride along the coast of Cable Beach is white sand, a place to watch the bright sun sank in the Indian Ocean. Looking directly dinosaur footprints 130 million years old are printed on a stone in Gantheaume Point. Enjoy a picnic-style dinner at the Town Beach and witness 'Staircase to the Moon' (Ladder to the Moon), shadows that formed by spectacular silvery full moon light that reflects off the plains tide in Roebuck Bay. This shadow can be seen for three nights in a month from March to October. As the night wore on in this natural tourist destination, continue the trip to the Outdoor Picture Garden in Broome to watch movies under the starlight. Formerly Broome is the center of the world pearl industry, and now you can buy pearls, explore the place of cultivation of pearl, pearl museum visit or view tombstone dedicated to about 900 Asian pearl divers.

Kimberley Australia2. Kununurra : wide expanse of water, honeycomb and diamond mines Follow the tourist flights over the rocks a striped orange and black mountains towering in the Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park, listed as World Heritage. Or camping and explore this national park with a double axle vehicle or on foot. This amazing geological landmark towering up to 578 meters above sea level, shaded canyons, clear pond water, fan palm trees, various species of wildlife and history of Aboriginal community life. Kununurra means 'big water' in traditional Aboriginal owners, and here you can also explore the vast Lake Argyle across freshwater crocodiles, wallabies, birds of wetlands and dramatic cliffs. Or see the beauty of an area of ​​1000 square kilometers over the air. Canoeing on Lake Kununurra and swim in the pool beneath the waterfall in the Black Rock Falls. Then visit the Argyle Diamond Mine and see a rare pink diamond that was taken from this ancient rock every year.

Kimberley Australia3. Dampier Peninsula: the beauty of the beaches and the history of AboriginalDouble axle vehicle ride down a red dirt road from Broome to Cape Leveque, where you can spend the night in the jungle camp in Kooljaman Aborigines. Safari-style bed or in a room made ​​of wood bark paper, then snorkeling, walking along the coral reef and explore the ruins of the old mission with a local Aboriginal family as your guide. Camping in Middle Lagoon and hire a boat or catch mud crabs with a local guide from Lombadina. Overnight in remote villages in Mudnunn, Chile Creek and La Djardarr Ba and visit the Beagle Bay. Sacred Heart Church here was built by the priest Pallotine and Aboriginal communities in 1917, up to the altar which is made from pearl oyster shell.

Kimberley Australia4. Derby and the Buccaneer Archipelago: the islands, history and great tidal waves
Watch the sun seton the the King Sound of Derby Wharf and fishing in the tidal waves as high as 12 meters . Get information about Aboriginal leader and fugitive Jandamurra in Pigeon Heritage Trail tour and see the works of art at the Aboriginal Village Mowanjum. Do not forget to see the Boab Prison Tree tree 1,500 years old, the circumference of the tree over 14 meters. From Derby, you can climb aboard or get on a plane to the Buccaneer Archipelago, where the cultivation of pearl South Sea Pearl and waterfalls of the famous Horizontal Waterfalls. Follow the tourist flights and watch the movement of huge tidal waves which push sea water 'falls' through a narrow slit in the cliff wall.

Kimberley Australia5. Gibb River Road and Mitchell Plateau: gorges and stunning cross-country adventure
Double axle vehicle ride along the Gibb River Road along the 660 miles from Derby in the west to Kununurra in the east, looking Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and big rivers and the Ord River Pentecost. Walking into remote Aboriginal settlements in Kalumburu, where you can stay, fishing in coral reefs and rivers and camping on the beach at Honeymoon Bay and McGowan Island. For the adventure truly thrilling, see Aboriginal rock art and native vegetation in the Mitchell River National Park. Explore the highlands of Mitchell Plateau and Mitchell Falls waterfall seen amazing - the ranks of four waterfalls - which flows through the layers of rocks into a deep pond.

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