Ningaloo Australia

Ningaloo Australia
Follow the tropical-style party at Ningaloo Marine Park, a habitat for 200 species of hard corals, 50 soft corals and over 500 species of fish.
Ningaloo is one of the largest circular coral reef in the world, which stretches 260 kilometers off the coast of north central Western Australia. In addition, the closest point located 100 meters from the beach so you can follow the party just by walking from the beach.

Five things you can do at Ningaloo

Ningaloo Australia1. Witnessing the amazing marine life

Swim with docile whale shark, the world's largest fish, which appeared between April and June. See humpback whales between June and November and see a rare turtle species hatch in an interactive eco-tour with guide in January and February. Kayaking in the ocean from Exmouth and watch migrating whales and visit remote locations full of dugongs and turtles. Or follow the tour boat to watch the hordes of fish spawn on the reef in March and April. You only need to walk from the beach at Exmouth or Coral Bay to see the fish giru play between tentacles anemones, fish and moray eels lepu predators as well as hundreds of other tropical fish species.

Ningaloo Australia2. Wearing a snorkel and diving suit

Snorkeling along the lagoon and coral gardens in Coral Bay is calm and protected and watched a charming fish manta rays, dolphins and colorful fish. If you want deeper waters, take a glass-floored boat snorkeling or tour from Exmouth. Go to the Lighthouse Bay or the classic desert island Muiron Islands for diving in the coral reefs are amazing. Look at the sea creatures from the smallest to the large coral reef reserves Bundegi Bombies, the shallow waters and is perfect for beginner divers and snorkel divers. More experienced divers can see the diverse collection of large sponges, gorgonians and whip corals sea sponges in the park at the entrance to Exmouth Gulf. Whatever your level of diving proficiency, Ningaloo provide underwater paradise for you.

Ningaloo Australia3. Overnight in the beautiful seaside town

Overnight at the beautiful Exmouth, where you can rent a car, join a safari or tour the beach environment, coral reefs and great fishing. Learning to surf on the waves gently in Wobiri, surfing on the waves left-handed at The Bombie or surf on the waves of coral reefs in the Dunes Beach and Island Murion and Montebello. Back to the city, you will get the accommodation that suits your budget, ranging from furnished apartments to tourists beransel lodging and camping. Yacht harbor cruise ship and visit the many cafes, restaurants, boutiques and wine bars in this city. Then get acquainted with the local community or other tourists while drinking beer at the local tavern. In the seaside town of Coral Bay are peaceful, you can stroll anywhere. Snorkeling, swimming and feeding fish off the beach, go diving or join your tour enjoy a scenic flight over the reef.
Ningaloo Australia
4. Adventure on land and on the sand

Double axle vehicle ride along Shothole Canyon Road or Charles Knife Canyon to Cape Range National Park, just 35 kilometers from downtown Exmouth. Here you can camp at the location where the canyons are amazing, the carvings of ancient rivers, together with the Ningaloo reef, crystal clear blue sea and sandy beaches. Yardie Creek walk to the river crossing animals and wild flowers, see the rare black-footed wallaby who huddled in the steep walls. Mangrove forest area is a habitat for many species of birds and marine animals. Or follow your tour walk two miles through the guiding guiding Gorge to see the beautiful sea view. When it was time to dry off, explore further areas of this beach ride double axle vehicle or four-wheeled motorcycle

Ningaloo Australia5. Ventured far

Take a day tour to the Islands Muiron quiet, classic desert island with tropical waters filled with marine life and coral reefs are complex. Scuba diving or snorkeling at Turtle Bay, a wildlife sanctuary which became a nest of sea turtles. You will find many other amazing dive sites not far from the beach, with gardens of multicolored coral at a depth of 3 to 20 meters. Relax on a quiet beach or throw your hook in the shallow waters for giant trevally fishing. To enjoy the atmosphere of a truly quiet and romantic, ask permission to camp overnight..

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