Friday's Shoegasm and a few Fawk Yous

 Link up for Friday's Shoegasm and shoes us your favourite pair of heels or shoes.  Because everyone loves a really cute pair of shoes.  Will also share with you my Hot Air Ballooning experience when I get back on Sunday.
Hervé Léger Now £300.18 Snake Look Sandals

Sergi Rossi £354.18

Halston  £341.00

Vouelle  £242

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Its also Fawk You Friday! So, go and link up with Boobies and Christy and let it all oot! Give these girls a whirl, they're brilliant.

  • Fuck you to the Pneumonia that hit me like a ton of bricks this week.  Totally floored me physically.  I had to say at home, in bed, on the couch and rest!  Fucking boring!

  • Fuck you to the diet has was going so well last week and was ruined this week by being at home and eating all the wrong fucking shite and not being able to go to the gym.  I was so looking forward to wearnig my FoulMouthShirts. 

  • Fuck you to the gas suppliers who were all out of gas this week and we froze our fucking arses off crowding around a tiny wee fan heater.

  • Fuck you to DSTV which costs too much and will be switched off at our house as from today!  Its gonna be a rough ride.

Anyway, Plonkers have a great weekend.  Don't forget to enter my competition - Caption my Freaky Photo #11.


Cuz I'm a RedHead


Caption My Freaky Photo Competition #11

Yip, do what it says Plonkers and Caption my Freaky Photo, like we do every Tuesday, and win a wee something from A Daft Scots Lass!


Bear Claw Tattoo

bear claw tattoos. Looking for unique Nature Animal Bear tattoos Tattoos?

Bear Paw Tattoo by Jon Poulson

Bear tattoos claw and paw design for girls and men, tribal bear tattoo

Bearclaw Indian tattoo featuring traditional symbols and dress


Vampire Tattoo Design

This is a vampire tattoo design. When you are doing the pose in this picture

A tattoo based on Vampire: The Masquerade counts, right? :D

Celebrity Twilight Vampire's · Tattoo's inspired by the film and book

quality vampire tattoos which may help give you some ideas for you're

Leprechaun Tattoo Designs · Popularity and Beauty of Rose Tattoos


Tribal Back Tattoo Designs

Tribal Cross Tattoo. angel back womens girls tattoos tattoo designs

upper back tribal tattoo designs 1 upper back tribal tattoo designs

More than 300 free upper back tribal tattoo designs you can choose from.

tribal tattoo designs for men be sure to make the image your own before

Strength Of Men Tribal Back Tattoo Design Art


Devil Girl Tattoo

she's my little devil girl.

tattoo-girl. Owing to POPULAR DEMAND I have compiled an essential guide to

Mermaid And Devil Girl Tattoo. Mermaid Tattoo. Devil Girl Tattoo

devil girl tattoos. Girl Skull Tattoo on arm

japanese tattoo Sexy Girl With Japanese


Asia Argento Tattoo

Asia Argento Tattoo Design

Was her dad from Asia and mom from Argentina?

female celebrity asia argento tattoo designs

Asia Argento Tattoos on her body Asia Argento Tattoos

Asia Argento. Attending

Celebrity Asia Argento Tattoos


Green Man Tattoos

Artist: Jay Kelly - Greenman Tattoo West Hartford, Connecticut

Green Man tattoo by Little Bryan of Spidermonkey Tattoos, Olympia WA

Bill's Greenman tattoo

Greenman Patch Ron had an expressive mirth tattooed on his leg.

Green Man and Raven Tattoo by *wintersmagic on deviantART


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