KFC Fail

We got take out on Monday night.

My Boerewors decided to treat us to KFC seeing as he got home early from work and we'd both had really busy days (and he knew I was still feeling delicate from the wicked Saturday night Alcohol Chug Fest).

Anyhoo, we were so disappointed with the food.

First Fail
Not only was everything dirt cold by the time My Boerewors drove the 4km from Brackenhurst KFC to home, but the mash and gravy was a disgrace.  There was about 1cm of mash at the bottom of the tub and the rest was filled up with gravy.  It was a runny mess and it was only two thirds filled.  

Second Fail
My Boerewors ordered the KFC Bowl and was given a red plastic spoon which cut his lip from being split AND had someone else's dried ice-cream on it! Dirty Spoon?

Third Fail
You could see my burger had never been warmed up because the cheese was still a perfect square never to be melted by a hot beef patty or anything else hot for that matter.  

The kids sprinkle pops was the only acceptable item from the entire R135.00 order.

I guess someone was having a really bad day at KFC or else they're starting to skimp for bigger profits.

Either which way its a disgrace.

How the mash and gravy SHOULD look according to their website
This is how MY mash and gravy looked - two thirds filled?

This side view shows the minimal 1cm of mash at the bottom topped up with gravy.

Very disappointed.

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