Holiday Extras Every 2 Months to Avoid the Most Ideal Stress

Holiday Extras Every 2 Months to Avoid the Most Ideal Stress

High levels of stress often experienced by office workers who during the day time ran out in front of the computer. In order not to stress and loss of motivation to work, ideally rations holidays taken every 2 months to go on vacation.

Even if someone really enjoys his work, body and mind need time to rest in total for each period. Working with a fixed routine for more than 2 months was mentioned less than ideal for an office worker.

According to a survey, too long to run the activity with a schedule that's it can make employees become more agitated, aggressive and even sickly. As a result of work performance declines, and even not infrequently lose morale aka burnout.

Surveys conducted by the Post Office Travel Insurance is revealed, only 20 percent of office workers in the UK who regularly use the time off every 2 or 3 months. The rest, about 44 percent only take leave every 1.5 years or more.

Extra vacation for 1-2 days every 2 months proved most effective to restore morale so that optimal performance again. But in a study, extra vacation too long ie more than 2 weeks will not provide extra benefit.

"Employees who rarely take time off rations tend more often experience anxiety, aggressive and eventually resigned. Other impacts are easily hurt and insomnia," said Prof. Cary Cooper, a psychologist from Lancester University as quoted from Dailymail, Tuesday (31/05/2011 .)

Another fact revealed in the survey are, male employees more easily decide to take leave than women. In addition, male employees tend to take leave on vacation with a duration longer than women.

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