Why Must Swim Wear If the Strict?

Why Must Swim Wear If the Strict?

Public swimming pools will usually prohibit people who swim but do not use a bathing suit. Bathing suit is a suit that fits in the body. Use of swimsuit that fits in this body was no benefit.

Tight clothing will make a person become hydrodinamic, so that these clothes will not hinder movement of the body in the swimming pool or impede his ability to take a deep breath, as quoted from the LIVESTRONG, Monday (05/30/2011).

The experts reveal a tight swimsuit also reduced inhibition when he moves in the water. In the study of biomechanics and fluid dynamics reveal that compressing and forming the body will make a person more quickly while swimming.

Reduction of the inhibition was not only makes a person more quickly, but also makes it easier to swim at the same pace. Whereas if you use loose-fitting clothes that will make hambatnya higher power that is hindering its movement in the water.

Also swimsuits are generally made ​​of lycra or spandex and not cotton. This is because the two materials can protect the body especially the skin from chlorine substances commonly added to water in the pool.

The addition of chlorine used to kill a variety of bacterial pathogens in the water. But if the compound is mixed with other organic materials such as urine and sweat, the chlorine can release a mixture of products that can irritate the eyes, skin (dry skin) and upper airway.

Well, lycra and spandex material is in addition to protect the body from exposure to chlorine is also known to protect the body from UV rays which can be harmful to the skin. This condition is the reason why someone should use special clothes and bathing should not use ordinary clothes such as cotton.

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