The body will Continue to Grow to Side

The body will Continue to Grow to Side

Often we hear that at a certain age a person is not getting higher growth but will be sideways. Apparently the assumption is true because the pelvic bone will continue to grow until the age of 70 years.

During this time people thought growth would stop someone when she was in her early 20s years. Yet this growth is not only limited to getting higher, but also including widening to the side.

Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine found that hip bone or pelvic bones (hip bones) will continue to grow after a person reaches maturity bone. The end result is the addition of waist size and body weight at a certain scale.

"Our findings indicate that the growth of the pelvis may cause people to widen and have a bigger waist size when he was older," Dr Laurence E Dahners jar, a professor of orthopedics at UNC, as quoted from HealthDay, Monday (30/05/2011).

Dr Dahners said the body will experience a widening due to the growth of the hip bone, then this may explain the existence of most of the weight gain of about 0.5 kg per year.

The study results are reported in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research using CT scans to measure the width and height of 246 patients in various age groups.

Results obtained researcher is the width of the pelvic bone of patients continues to grow even after reaching maturity at the age of 20 years bone. In particular, researchers noted that widening the pelvic inlet is evidence of real growth in the pelvis.

The average width of the pelvis of the oldest patients in this study almost 1 inch (2.54 cm) larger than the width of the pelvis youngest patients. Increased hip bone width can reach 1-3 inches (2.54 to 7.62 cm) between the ages of 20-79 years.

The existence of growth continues to occur in the pelvic bone is a proof that at a certain age a person will not grow to be higher but it extends to the side of his body.

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