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Francesco Scognamiglio


Megan vs Daddy with a Vuvuzela - Round 1

What's plastic, a metre long, brightly coloured and sounds like an elephant?

It's the vuvuzela - the noise-making trumpet of South African football fans.

We're gearing up for 2010 Soccer World Cup in our home with a competition between Megan (my six year old) and her Daddy and a very noisy blue Vuvuzela.

The deal is this... all started on Sunday night when Megan was playing with her vuvuzela and I mentioned that it would be a good wake up call for someone who doens't  have a regular alarm clock.  Hmmmmm somehow I regret putting thoughts in her little mind. Nevertheless, it was decided between Megan and her Dad that whoever gets up first in the morning gets to "Vuvuzela" the other one awake with this annoying trumpet. 

Daddy has won the game since Monday morning and Megan is not too amuzed by it all.  Okay, so who wants to wake up by a vuvuzela being blown in your face when you are slumbering so sweetly?

But the game continues...

Last night Megan calls me into her room just after she'd slipped into bed and says to me: "Mum, you must wake me up early tomorrow morning so that I can get Daddy with the Vuvuzela".  She promptly stuffed her Vuvuzela under her pillow and put her finger over her lips to tell me it was our little secret.   I nodded in agreement knowing that Daddy would get his own back. 

Well, I couldn't bear to wake her when I went into her room this morning.  She was snoring so nicely so I just left her.  Next thing I knew, my Boerewors was looking for the Vuvuzela and he snuck into her room looking for the dreaded horn.  He eventually found it and blew Megan awake.  Poor wee thing.

They giggled and Megan is determined to get her dad back tomorrow morning.  This time I will help her otherwise I'll be in the bad books again.  I am already in grave trouble for not waking her this morning.  I had the pouty face all the way to school. I'm such a bad mother...

Man! is that thing damn loud!!!

Stay tuned for Vuvuzela at the Hefer House - Round 2.

My Anorexic Piggie Bank

This time of year our schedule is always so incredibly busy which leads to additional expenses.

To tell you the honest truth my money tree is not producing notes like it used to. In fact, that frikken tree has shrivelled up and died on me. And just when I needed it too! My green fingers have lost their touch (not that I ever had green fingers, I kill every pot plant that is carried through my threshold *shrug* I still don’t understand what I do wrong).

Anyhoo…here is just some of my schedule until the end of the year.

5 October – National Teacher’s Day. The girls’ school is having a braai (aka barbeque) for all the Teachers. The parents, who are NOT invited may I just add, have been added to a list and have to bring something.

9 October – My sister’s birthday. I know what I want to get her but I can't afford it. She’s never been to a spa in her entire life!!! How sad is that?

16 October – Megan’s Bakerman at nursery school. Each child in the class gets a turn to be “backerman” and they have to bring party packs for all the kids in her class (32 children at this stage) and they set up a little shop and all the kids come and buy her goodies. It’s a fund-raising for the school.

16 October - Boss' Day.  And I have 6 of them!

21 October - Final School Readiness Test. This normally costs us too, even though she’s been tested already, and has been given the A-OK to start Grade One. Why a 2nd test I ask?

10 November – Graduation Photos and Certificates. This normally includes a set of photos wearing her graduation gown and cap. Can’t skip on this occasion as it only happens once in a life time.

26 November – Megan's Graduation. The actual graduation is normally a huge event with the renting of a venue, a mini concert and prize-giving. Their school wants all the girls to wear white dresses. Firstly, my tomboy girl-child doesn’t "do" dresses. Secondly, why would any mum in their right mind let their 6 year old wear white? Especially my very active little tree-climbing tomboy? Honestly! Very practical indeed and when will she wear this pretty little outfit again?

4 December – 10th Year Anniversary. I have booked a romantic overnight get-away celebration which cost me a small fortune. But I am very excited about this one. I can’t think of what I’m going to buy him as a gift…it’s a special anniversary after all.

9 December – Parents Morning receiving of Final Reports – no money on this one but its on my diary to attend.

14 December – Riaan’s Birthday. I am not sure what he wants, but my Boerewors has expensive taste when it comes to his “gadget" hobbies. Who knows where I’m going to scratch the money out from for this one. My arse already looks like the bloody Japanese flag from all the stuff I’ve been trying to pull out there. Besides, it is just as fucked as my money tree.

And then lets not forget its only 75 days until Christmas!!! Oh joy – the dollar signs rapidly scroll up and down in front of my eyes like a blinkin’ one arm bandit. Ding! Ding! Ding! Jackpot…fork out more money, Mummy!!! More I say! *sigh*

I wish I could win the Jackpot so I could cover the costs for all these fun-filled events that I have NOT budgeted for.

I will simply have to dig down deep into that cookie jar to find the cash. Either that, or break my anorexic piggie-bank and hope for the best.

Wish me luck!


 Here is another fairy coloring page for you all to print and color....


What Claire Wore

Mick was kind enough to email me some updated pictures of Claire Jane.

My wee niece is now 3 months old and isn't she just the most gorgeous little person?

Claire in her wee denim frock

Claire and Mummy Janie

Claire showing off her big blue eyes in her hooded bath towel

A Tender Moment

Claire Loves Her Daddy outfit


What Janie Wore

One of Janie's cute new outfits.

Doesn't she look trendy-o?!?!

I'm sure you've all read by now that our shopping spree was a success. 

Love the tartan pumps.

Cabbage Soup Diet starts again on Sunday


My Trip To Brussels ...

... had to be awarded to someone else as I couldn't take advantage of it by end November and the prize is not transferable.

I know the competition stated all these conditions from the beginning, but I never thought for one second I'd win. 

All the best to
Karen who can take the prize and enjoy.  Karen, I hope you at least bring back some Belgian choccies which you can send to me - and of course truck loads of pix.

I'm devastated...

Only in Africa


They are just business

I’m back!

Just to kiss you, darlings!

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A working meeting, a meeting in the office ... Based on four garments it, interpret it in the rentrée key fall looks more compelling. (via
Fever origami dress by Amaya Arzuaga

Miguel Palacio gloves, Hermes agenda and Blackberry Bold

Watch Cuervo and Nephews

Brown leather bag diligence model, by Roger Vivier

Sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana

Chloe Blazer, Ralph Lauren shirt, Superfine jeans, bag Dsquared

Hermes belt and white gold bracelet and diamond and onyx black, Suarez
Cufflinks gold, Montblanc

Watch Submariner steel and gold Rolex

N-310 Mini Laptop, Samsung

Pen, for Hublot

Romance Perfume „Always yours“, by Ralph Lauren

Men's leather boots, Church's

Blazer + shirt = masculine touch. Blazer, of Aquilano Rimondi, and hazel-colored shirt A. Vintage

Isabel Marant coat, Duyos skirt, jersey Hermes, Fogal stockings, shoes by Stuart Weitzman, and Prada bag

Tubogas Bracelets, yellow gold ring with pearls Australian and yellow gold ring, onyx and citrine, all of Suarez

Fur coat fox, Jitrois

Yellow gold lighter, Dupont

Drama Hypnose mascara, Lancôme

Suede shoes, YSL

Black bra, Intimissimi

Watch with rose gold bezel, Tous

Leather Holder, of Campo Marzio

Gray leather handbag, Nannini

Black leather jacket, Santiago de Palacio

Purification Garcia shirt, Intropia Hoss pants, Jimmy Choo boots; agenda Hermes and ring Suarez

Master Clock Square rose gold with diamonds and black leather strap, Franck Muller

Golden Goggles by Marc Jacobs

Magnolia EDP Nobile, Acqua di Parma

Snakeskin wallet, Angel Jackson

Gold pen, Cartier

Patterned scarf Pepe Jeans

Louis Vuitton plays with shapes and colors in this red lacquered mate. They are links to chains of colored paper so that recreate ruffles and curls, and a velvet bow

Sandals with straps and platforms. With strips of leather and rubber outsole, Balenciaga

Red leather and studs, of Casadei

Charcoal gray suede, YSL


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