Reason Hemorrhoid Sufferers Must Avoid Apples and Oranges

Reason Hemorrhoid Sufferers Must Avoid Apples and Oranges

Hemorrhoid sufferers are advised to eat lots of fiber. But you should avoid the consumption of green apples and oranges because it can worsen symptoms of hemorrhoids that appear.

Some specific foods should be avoided by people with hemorrhoids because it can cause discomfort, pain and itching that its intensity has increased.

Food or fruit that can increase the acidity in the digestive system can cause the symptoms of hemorrhoids are getting worse, because the food or fruit acids can irritate the hemorrhoids as quoted from the, Monday (05/30/2011).

Foods to avoid are apple green (because it has a higher acidity than red apples), citrus fruit with high acidity, carbonated beverages, caffeinated beverages such as coffee and alcohol.

Also avoid all processed foods and low fiber, such as cheese and red meat because it can make the stool becomes hard, so difficult to remove and cause pain.

Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoid hemorrhoids are also known by the name of a disease or disorder of the rectum, which is a decrease bearing the anus (anal cushion) caused by many things. Anal cushion is composed of mucosa, smooth muscle jaingan anus, loose connective tissue and vascular tissue.

The cause of hemorrhoids alone could be a variety such as:

1. Errors in performing certain movements in sports such as the weight-bearing exercise
2. Too much sitting or standing
3. Genetic factors (heredity)
4. Straining too hard during bowel movements, usually due to constipation
5. Can occur also in pregnant women.

Treatment for hemorrhoids depends on the stage is going through. The most important thing is that patients can always defecate regularly with a soft stool, a lot of drinking and eating foods rich in fiber.

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