Magaliesburg Canopy Tours was Brilliant!!!

A brilliant day full of laughs, squeals of delight and african sunshine awesomeness.

The group of us on the bakkie on our way up the mountain!

The group all rigged up and Ready to Rock 'n Roll!

One, two, three, go!

My Boerewors

Gillian whizzing around

Janie being a monkey

There I go again!

Riaan playing the fool.

This kloof is more than 2000 million years old!



the hike back up the mountain

Janie rigged up

the mountains and view is just awesome!!!

Beautiful gorgeous

My soopa kewt Boerewors


Freaky Friday - Episode 6 Optical Illusions

This week's Theme : Illusions

Our eyes often deceive us. Check out these freaky illusions


Keep staring at the above picture for about 20 seconds and then look at a white surface (a wall or a big piece of paper). One of the very classic illusions. The best thing is ; the afterimage seems to be a sharper picture than the original.


Do you find something unusual in this picture? Can you see any human face in this optical illusion? If not just move away from the screen and try focusing on the center portion.

3. Try to count the number of black dots on the image below...

4.  Put your 3d specs on for these ones:

5. A Stereogram Picture - Can you see what this says?  (hint : cross your eyes a little to see the words)

Can you tell me what's hidden in this one?

6.  This just hurts like a fucking bad acid trip.

7.  Kevin James on America's Got Talent - this dude is very entertaining...


Cherio 2009!

So Long, Farewell..

2009 was a good year all-in-all.

Well, it certainly has been eventfull!!

Yes, we had a major recession which took a toll on our strict budget, I didn't get an increase at work or a bonus because our company has been trying to keep their head above the water.  Nevertheless, its been jam-packed full of drama and fun.  Here's just some of the stuff:

I became an aunty of a beautiful niece

My Best Friend and I got our matching Friendship Tattoos.

I realised that life is too short for materialism, arguments, drama, nonsense things.

I started tracing my family ancestry and did a family tree going back to the late 1600's.

I voted in the 2009 General Elections and stood in the queue for an hour to make a cross on a piece of paper which made no fucking difference.

I had a seriously hair raising experience in our haunted tent.  I will NOT sleep in it ever again.  Tent For Sale - Going Cheap - Make me an offer!  Any offer.

We started organising our adventure-packaged December 2010 Road Trip Tour including jacuzzi safari, sleeping in tree houses in the bush and bunjee jumping.

Our awesome Family Holiday to the sea-side was unforgettable.  I realised even though my mum and mad dad live far away I still miss my Mum everday!

I realised that I can't get away with saying that I'm 29 till I die...the wrinkles and droppy body parts are tell-tale signs that I'm fibbing.

I want to skip Winter 2010.  The cold months SUCK big time!

You can't put a price on Funny Evenings at Home.

I am saving for Botox.

Thoroughly enjoyed doing my bit for a few charities this year and will continue in 2010.

I got a black eye playing Ring-A-Rosie and then I fell down.

I learned that you need to verbalise your feelings and let things out into the big wide world.

Dance moves me.  It stirs many emotions within me.  Perhaps its why I'm addicted to SYTYCD.

I absolutely LIVE for Convesations with my Children.

I'm a Bloggoholic

There are plenty more than 15 things that woman can do that men can't.

To my Visitors and Fine Followers:

Happy Hogmanay and All the VERY BEST for 2010.

Guess What I'm Doing Tomorrow??

I last did it in February 2007. I'm going tomorrow again!!!
With my Sister and Brother-In-Law...

Can't wait to see these Magaliesburg Mountains estimated to be 2,500 million years old again tomorrow from high up, zipping down on a cable. 


Here are some of the picures taken when we did it in February 2007.


The Angel Has Returned

Mutha of Meltdowns

Today was My Boerewors' first day back at work after being at home with us for two weeks. It all started off pretty normal and okay until we drove to the shops to do Megan's last bit of shopping for her back-to-school stationery.

When we got to the Mall, Kaylin (my three year old) spotted the "car" trolleys (similar to the one in this picture) and immediately got soopa excited and bolted towards them.  Unfortunatelywhen I eventually caught up with her I realised that they were still all chained together and no one in sight to help us get one free.  I told her we'd have to go and get a regular trolley in the meantime.

This set Kaylin into her Mutha of All Tantrums

I have NEVER seen her so destraught, angry, sad and frustrated.   This was the biggest wobble she as ever thrown!!  She started screaming at FULL volume (like her fingernails were being ripped out with a rusty pair of pliers), kicking like a grumpy mule and sobbing and stamping all at the same time.  At first I just stared at her - totally shocked at her over-reacting to the situation.  It was liked someone flicked a switch.

She was livid!

I could see she'd stepped into her "black zone" and there was no turning back or reasoning with her. In her rage I tried to smack her and landed up whacking my finger against her shoe and I now have a swollen and purple finger (serves me right for loosing it with her and falling for her winding me up). 

I immediately took her back to the car which made the tantrum increase because she now thought I was going to take her home (Kaylin loves shopping and going to the mall) when in actual fact I just wanted to get her to calm herself down.  Her face was turning from pink to red.

We sat in the car for a good ten minutes before she actually caught her breath and listened to the fact that if she didn't stop we weren't going into the shops. Eventually when she did pull herself towards herself, Megan whispered to me "Mummy I've never heard her scream THAT loud!".

Well neither had I!!

My ears were bleeding, my nerves shattered and my energy was instantly depleted.  I didn't want her to win though, so I gave Megan all my attention because the shopping trip was for her benefit after all.  I plonked Kaylin in a regular trolley and Megan and I walked hand in hand behind the trolley chatting about what we were going to buy.  Soon Kaylin realised that she wasn't getting any attention having a fat lip and sulking.

In the end we got everything done without a glitch.  Megan and I laughed and joked and fooled around while silent huffy Kaylin was pretty much ignored until she asked me for something. 

Sometimes playing deaf works the best.

What do you do when your little monster throws the mutha of all tantrums??




A Very Talented Scots Lass

KT Tunstall rocks my tits off.  She's so fucking talented and this is one of my favourite songs of all time!!!


Boxing Day with Family


Happy New Year Streamers Coloring Page


Christmas 2009

Christmas Eve we fed the Reindeer, left Santa milk and jelly tots this year and then we went to my best friend Mandy to join all our friends to wait for midnight to open our R30 gag gift presents from everyone. 

Good Times!

The girls glitter hands after sprinkling the reindeer food on the lawn.

Some apple for Rudolf

All the presents under the tree at Mandy's Christmas Eve Gathering.

Mandy is addicted to Farmville Facebook
and one of her gifts from Riaan was a little farm

Percy with his gorgeous Christmas hat and stunning new teeth

Norman got a pair of goggles and immediate wanted to take a dip

The clown of the group got an appropriate outfit.

Tammy got a Barbie face cloth (Don opening a prezzie too)

We only got home at 2am from opening gifts at Mandy's so Christmas morning I was knackered when Megan woke me up at 7am to open presents.  We nevertheless had tons of fun opening gifts and watching the girls faces with each one.

Kaylin with one of her first presents

Megan got a dolls house and all the furniture

and a harmonica

Just when they thought they'd opened all their gifts, I gave them this little sign gift wrapped.
"Look Outside!"

When they got outside they found their brand new twinkling bikes. 
They were thrilled.

And that, my friends, was Christmas 2009.

Today we're off to Riaan's family to celebrate with his brother and his girlfriend who arrived from the UK late last night - so we're doing Christmas all over again with them today.

My trousers are already getting a little tighers!  Eek!


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