Things That Can Makes Allergy Symptoms

Things That Can Makes Allergy Symptoms

Allergies that appears either in the form of sneezing or itching is definitely very disturbing activities. But there are some things that can unwittingly make a person's allergies are getting worse.

Some of the tricks it can do to avoid allergy triggers, such as keeping the windows remained closed, keeping clean, or pay attention to the food consumed.

But many people do not realize that certain things can sometimes worsen the condition of allergy, as quoted from, Tuesday (31/05/2011), namely:

Job stress
Researchers at Ohio State University of Medicine found people with allergies will have worse symptoms when he did tests that stimulate anxiety. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser, PhD, said stress hormones can stimulate the production of IgE (blood proteins that cause allergic reactions.)

Consuming alcohol
One reason for bacteria and yeast in the alcohol will produce histamine, the chemical that causes allergy symptoms like nasal congestion and itchy eyes. Richard F Lockey, MD, director of the division of allergy and immunology from the University of South Florida College of Medicine suggest to avoid alcohol consumption.

Ornamental plants in the house can trigger sneezing
Putting plants in the house can indeed refresh the eyes, but certain crops can spread the allergens into the air and make a person sneezing and trigger allergies. Plants such as ficus, varieties of orchids and ferns people considered most vulnerable to allergies.

Friends who smoke
Cigarettes contain many toxic chemicals that can irritate, and allergy sufferers are generally more sensitive than healthy people. Even though not having contact with people who smoke, smoke particles attached to the clothing can exacerbate allergic symptoms appear.

No shower after traveling
If the body vulnerable to dust, pollen or dirt from outside the immediate shower when I got home to avoid the entry of particles throughout the home. This is because the particles can be trapped in the body, hair, clothes and shoes.

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