Kangaroo Island Australia

Kangaroo Island Australia

See native wildlife in the wild on Kangaroo Island ecological paradise.
Seeing pink pelicans birds circling in the sky, sea dog lying on the sand at Seal Bay and the sleepy koalas in trees. Sitting on the sand and watched a flock onggokkan pair of small penguins who ventured into the sea every night at Penneshaw. Pack your fresh farm results - from honey Liguria to free-range chicken and eggs - and the wines produced by 30 farmers from Cape Willoughby to Kingscote. Overnight at lodging facilities inherited from the past and see some of South Australia's first lighthouse at Cape Willoughby, Cape Borda and Cape du Couedic. Swim at a secluded beach at Stokes Bay, Vivonne Bay and surf the fish in the Emu Bay. Make a trip with a beautiful view toward the underground caves at Kelly Hill Conservation Park and Remarkable Rocks at Flinders Chase National Park.

Five ways to travel around Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Australia1. Together wildlife: including seals and platypus, koalas and kangaroos

Give pelicans eat birds and see the giant cuttlefish, seahorses and little penguins at Kingscote Wharf. Make friends with wallabies, brush tail possums and kangaroos in the night tour along the American River. Stroked koalas and direct feed Lorikeet birds, possums carrying or wrapped by a snake at Stokes Bay. Walking through the forest through the bush ducks, geese and heron residents in Cape Gantheaume Murray Lagoon Conservation Park. See Australian sea lions at Seal Bay and more than 7,000 New Zealand fur seals making out with each other around the Admirals Arch is located in Flinders Chase National Park, which also is home to hundreds of tame kangaroos. You will be able to see many cute koalas everywhere, but some of the most favorite place is in the trees Hanson Bay Sanctuary and Western Ki Caravan Park.

Kangaroo Island Australia2. With food and wine quality: in the pocket and at your desk

Visiting wineries in the largest winery and the first in this island which is located at Cape Willoughby, peeling oysters in Penneshaw then visit a local farm that makes cheese from sheep milk and honey milking best Liguria in MacGillivray and Kingscote. On Kangaroo Island there are also cozy cafes and luxurious restaurants. Dining Nepean Bay oyster with sea view and sample other quality seafood in season at Penneshaw. Enjoy a banquet-style five-star hotel in the middle of the jungle on the South Coast and a plate of fish, marron and seafood at sunset beside the rock pool at Parndana. Fill out your beach house in the land adiboga, prepare a picnic box for a day and then take home a dozen of your enjoyment of wine.

Kangaroo Island Australia3. With a history: sailors, soldiers, explorers and Aboriginal mystery

Overnight in the lodge that has been restored lighthouse keeper at Cape Willoughby isolated in Dudley Peninsula. Or read the diary grouch lighthouse keeper who is in the lighthouse at Cape Borda and Cape du Couedic in Flinders Chase National Park. Portland Maru shipwreck dive and Loch Vennachar, which crashed into cliffs on the west coast in 1905, causing loss of all crew members numbering 27 people. Visiting Frenchman's Rock, where the Hog Bay where French explorer Captain Nicolas Baudin is anchored in the year 1803. Climb the 512 stairs that just as the explorer Captain Matthew Flinders to conduct a survey of this island in Prospect Hill. Seeing the native mulberry trees, wells, docks, post office and a rock quarry site in the officially the first European settlement at Reeves Point, South Australia. Learn about the soldier who makes house and farm of 100,000 hectares of dense shrubs that have not been touched in Parndana Soldier Settlement Museum. Remnants of stone tools and the camp of Aborigines show that Aboriginal people have lived on Kangaroo Island at least approximately 16,000 years ago, but why did they leave the island, or when they last lived in this island, is still a mystery.

Kangaroo Island Australia4. On the beach: swimming, surfing, snorkeling and diving from the beach and the sparkling bay.
Fishing from the historic pier at Emu Bay fishing or join a tour of the American River, Penneshaw, Kingscote and Emu Bay. Swimming in the pool which is surrounded rocks and Penneshaw Stokes Bay Beach which is a perfect picnic place. Surf the deserted beach at Stokes, Vivonne and Pennington Bays. Sailing past the sandy beach and sheltered cave at Nepean Bay. Walking through the jungle undergrowth, explore shipwrecks and see storks and pelicans in D'estress Bay. You can explore the bush land, sand dunes and lagoons in Antechamber Bay / Chapman River, and canoeing and camping along the journey. Under water, you can dive with the best temperature is in Australia. Observing the Sea Dragon Leaves, blue devil fish and harlekin who swam to and fro between the towering rock walls and red coral flowers, orange and white.

Kangaroo Island Australia5. With adventure in the land: cycling, driving and sliding on the sand

Find a small street in a quiet village, a beautiful city and national parks within cycling tour from Penneshaw. Four-wheel drive motor through the bush land or slide from the top of the dunes at Vivonne Bay. Enter into the magical underground cave in the Kelly Hill Conservation Park, down the hole and ruins of a large cave. You can also see the natural attractions in Australia's third largest island with driving while enjoying the beautiful natural scenery. See the dolphins, see Stokes secluded beach bay and meet the rare animals and wildlife in a friendly in Rolling North Coast Drive. Viewing Remarkable Rocks at sunset in Flinders Chase National Park on a tour of the northwest corner. Follow the Dudley Peninsula trip to the lighthouse at Cape Willoughby and visited factories and farms lobster honey, lavender gardens and dairy farm on the way past the Kingscote District.

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