Manchester United Find How To Stop Messi

Sir Alex Ferguson

Manchester United manager was sure I could find a way to turn off the contribution mainstay The Barcelona player.

Lionel Messi is still a serious threat to anyone who became opponents Barcelona, ??Manchester United is no exception.

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed it. United manager also said it would seek a solution to be able to turn off Barcelona's Lionel Messi and other lines of attack.

"We have three times the face Barcelona with Messi in the team," he said.

"But there will always be a solution to cope with any good players. Hopefully we can find one just on Saturdays," said Ferguson.

However, the Scottish manager added if Messi is not the only threat from Barcelona.

"They also have other good players, but we also have. That's why this fight will be very interesting. I believe Barcelona are also aware of this," he said.


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