Lionel Messi nominated for the first goal at Wembley campions league 2011

Lionel Messi

Wembley Stadium May 28, will become the arena of struggle for the Champions League trophy between Barcelona and Manchester United. Lionel Messi became the top seed to print the first goal in the game.

At least that obtained from observations on three online betting house until Tuesday (05/24/2011) at 14:45 pm. Both William Hill, Bwin and Ladbrokes predicts Messi will be the first player to register his name on the scoreboard.

Under Messi is also the name of Wayne Rooney who scored first championed by William Hill and Ladbrokes. While the England striker Bwin ranks only third.

In the third position at William Hill and Ladbrokes have the name David Villa. But in the stock Bwin, the Villa is in second place.

The fourth position is a new star MU namely Javier Hernandez. Striker is familiarly called Chicharito will likely be a starter accompany Rooney. So William Hills and Ladbrokes betting bet that the Mexican players.

Only in the stock Bwin betting that nobody put the first goal scorer in this match, on top of Hernandez.

Pedro Rodriguez was predicted to be first goalscorer at the third meeting of Barca and Manchester United in the final of European club competition.

For the final score of the match, Ladbrokes put the score 2-0 to Barca with the highest coefficient of 7 / 1. Likewise at Ladbrokes chose Los Cules could complete a 90-minute match by a score of 2-0 and the coefficient was no different than the 8 / 1.

William Hill

Lionel Messi 5 / 1
Wayne Rooney 8 / 1
David Villa 13 / 2
Javier Hernandez 9 / 1
Pedro 8 / 1


Lionel Messi 2.00
David Villa 7.00
Wayne Rooney 7.00
No goalscorer 7.00
Javier Hernandez 7.50
Pedro 8.00


Lionel Messi 9 / 2
Wayne Rooney 6 / 2
David Villa 7 / 1
Javier Hernandez 7 / 1
Pedro 8 / 1

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