Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Very Early Pregnancy Symptoms

The early detection and symptoms of pregnancy is hard to tell as your body persistently gives you a soft and subtle sensation inside the body for relatively prolonged period of time. Some of the women as unaware of the pregnancy try to prevent it from securing themselves out of various methods available in a form of over-the-counter-drugs such as “Morning after pills” etc.

These medicines are extremely affective and might take 72 hours for the prevention process of the contraction of any nature. The days of intercourse with an opposite sex defines the particular stage of the pregnancy tests to be conducted regularly.

The sperm of the male reportedly clings to the vagina of a woman for up to 3 to 5 days continuously and that defines the overall structure of the contraction how successful was the intercourse and what shall be its repercussions to the lady suffering out of it.

There are mainly predictions which are termed as early warning signs or symptoms of pregnancy they’re as follows
7 Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

1. Missed periods: The periods are missed altogether sometimes if a woman isn’t aware of it in the first instance. Women searches upon and experience a much lighter form of pregnancy period as compared to their usual periods because they are different by nature. This has to be the earliest sign of pregnancy.

2. Breast tenderness: The noticeable early symptom for pregnancy is the tenderness in their breasts as she goes on the bed and senses up the swollen & sore breasts. The tenderness of the breasts could increase at the time of taking shower; exercising or wearing up tight woolen clothes too. It happens because at the time of pregnancy the body mass starts preparing your breasts for producing milk and to be used for breastfeeding. Hormones increases in number with remarkable changes. The color of the nipples darkens as they increase in size.

3. Frequent Urination process: There are no doubts frequent trips to washrooms whenever necessary when pregnant as the uterus of a woman increases up the pressure over the gallbladder that produces urine in larger quantity inside the body. Extra amount of fluids of the body are processed inside. The early symptom of such nature could last for nine long consecutive months.

4. Pregnancy sensation: The intuition of getting pregnant calls upon moody behaviors; light headedness; tiredness and fatigue with unexpected heartburn; stomach disorders such as constipation etc. There occurs a sense of lower backache as well with acute stiffness. She doesn’t fell her usual self when it starts taking place inside.

5. Excessive fatigue as major cause: Extreme exhaustion out of no work performed or simply getting tired of the activities with enormous amount of frustration/irritations. A woman feels like to lie down out of hectic schedule early over the bed or sofa immediately. To avoid such circumstance ladies take frequent cat’s nap of 15 minutes each to rejuvenate their body hormones and feel fresh again for a normal working course. Of course this can only be an early symptom of pregnancy if the above points too hold true otherwise you may just have anemia.

6. Nauseas and vomiting: These are the two most important predictions to find if a woman is pregnant as for many years it’s linked to frequent vomiting and nausea to stand inside the bathroom for many-many hours. The feeling emerges early in the morning when they consume a cup full of tea/coffee etc. Others fell queasy out of it.

7. Dizziness/fainting: This occurs so as to increase up the glucose level with the help of sugar intake in the diets. A lady could faint anywhere from climbing up to the stairs of the room or standing in a queue at a grocery shop etc. The blood pressure drops substantially. Portable lunch boxes loaded up with bananas; apples; Yogurt cups; carrots; celery; cheese; small cartons full of milk etc. increases up the glucose level. Food cravings and sensitivity to aromas also teaches about the early signs of pregnancy.


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