Simon Cowell chose Paula Abdul for US 'X Factor' because she disagrees with him

Simon Cowell chose Paula Abdul for US 'X Factor' because she disagrees with him
The music mogul will be joined by the singer, Cheryl Cole and record producer L.A. Reid for the new star search show and he revealed Paula ' who previously worked with him on 'American Idol' - was the perfect choice because she has her own opinions and is so well-loved by the American public.

He explained: 'What's interesting is she's snappy. Paula. You know, she doesn't like something. I've forgotten what she's like. She doesn't like you to disagree with her. And there were one or two disagreements. But that's why we wanted her on the show. I think it's important that everyone has their own viewpoint. But she is good at spotting talent. I mean I thought she was really on it the last two days and I said to her afterwards, this is the best I've seen you in a long time.

"You know I've been doing interviews for months, you know we're talking about the show and getting people to audition and over and over again, whether it was radio interviews or TV interviews, radio interviews, the internet, but mainly the public, I was hearing one message loud and clear. We want Paula on the show. I listened to the public, because they make or break our shows!"

Simon also praised newcomer Cheryl and revealed viewers can expect her to be warm and caring rather than other 'rude' British judges like himself.

He said: 'Most British people that come over to these shows seem to be being mean or rude. Not me, but others.! But Cheryl, she's not like that. I mean, she's got a lot of fire in her, but you're going to see a very different type of British judge with her and the audience really warmed to her."


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