Should I be afraid of masturbation?

Should I be afraid of masturbation

In the Middle Ages, masturbation think excuse me "sins of the children." People Fallopio famous Italian anatomist Gabriele (1523-1562) even recommends that masturbation as a means of penis extension (unfortunately, guys, do not help, when all people will become members of a very large, the only thing that stretches - in the flesh, but who needs it ?). In the XVII - XVIII century. changing attitudes to masturbation. Theologian and educator XVIII-XIX century saw not only representative, but terrible disease, which leads to a weakening of memory and mental ability, madness and, of course, impotence. In the twentieth century, it became clear that this did not happen.

The belief that masturbation causes insanity, born of the observation in a mental hospital, old people often masturbate in front of staff. But mental illness is not a moral taboos and rules of decency, and no other way to sexual satisfaction. prominent masturbation does not cause and consequence of their condition.

Teen masturbation is a way to relieve sexual tension caused by physiological causes (bubbles overflow seed, mechanical irritation of the genitals, etc.). However, stimulating mental factors: the example of their comrades, the desire to test their potential, have fun, etc. Most of the boy's first ejaculation occurred precisely during masturbation. The sooner young adults, the more likely that she would masturbate, another way to sexual satisfaction he did not. The intensity, frequency of masturbation individuals vary, but much higher in men than women.

Adolescents and Young People's masturbation - not so much physically, but psychologically orders. A related and some problems.

Masturbation is often accompanied by pictures of life and erotic fantasies, in which adolescents can choose any partner, and situation. conditioned reflex consolidation fantastic pictures sometimes creates a benchmark of a very young nonrealistic, compared with a real sexual experience, at first almost always involve difficulties, may disappoint him.

Tech masturbation can not physiological. For example, if a girl used to masturbate with his foot to shift, with the onset of sexual activity would be retrained.

Since ancient taboos and perceptions of depravity and the dangers of masturbation is very sat in the minds of teenagers, the experience leaves a lot of people feel guilty and afraid of "consequences". While the boys know that masturbation - a mass phenomenon, they are ashamed of "bad habits" and carefully hidden. Trying to deal with it, an ordinary teenager, like millions before him (but he did not know), have experienced setbacks. This led him to question the value of their own identity, and especially strong-willed characters, lowered self-esteem and encouraged to feel the difficulties and failures in education and communication as a result of the "stain" her. Just be evaluated further and every sexual failures.In fact, teenage masturbation is a harmless way to sexual function itself.

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