The Nasty Truth About Asthma and Children

The Nasty Truth About Asthma and Children
Make no mistake about it, asthma is a bad disease that can affect not only the lives of children who have it, but everyone who lives with the child as well. And that is an growing epidemic, too! According to the Centers for Disease Control nearly 7 million children in the U.S. and he has jumped into third leading cause for children's hospitals in the U.S..

Asthma is an inflammation of tube-like structure in the lungs called the bronchial airways that supply oxygen to the lungs. When inflammation occurs can be so severe that constricts the bronchial tubes tightly, preventing any air from reaching the lungs. In severe asthma attacks, shortness of breath may occur, followed by death. It feels like I'm choking to death from the inside.

Asthma is a chronic condition, which means that once you develop it you will have it for life, but the intensity and frequency can be managed.

There are several theories about how a child develops asthma from early childhood bronchial infections, viruses, for allergies to pollutants such as smoke or smoke cigarettes. All of them, in fact, can contribute a factor. Several studies have also shown that premature babies born early with a capacity of immature lungs may also be at risk for developing chronic forms of asthma.

So what can be done?

Fortunately, there is much to be done to manage asthma and even prevented attacks from occurring during the period of time.

The pediatrician is essential

There are more than just buying asthma inhalers at the drugstore. They are excessive and parents tend to regard them as a magic wand-this is a mistake. Treating asthma as you would if your child has diabetes. You need a pediatrician to become your partner, what is needed is a bad asthma attack to put your child in hospital.

Knowing what triggers asthma

Allergy and exercise are the most common reason a child has an asthma attack. Specifically, find out what can trigger your child's asthma can help you prevent it. Get tested by a pediatrician is very important to help you figure out this process and also know how to use inhalers / medication to treat an attack when it happened.

If you smoke, now more than even perhaps the right time to quit. second hand smoke or even just a little tobacco (such as in cars of smokers) can lead to malicious attacks. As a medical problem, start eliminating your child's exposure to it. Communicate to every smoker that your child can not be exposed to it under any circumstances.

Time To Go Green

Did you know that hundreds of household chemicals in our cleaning products and cosmetics that can trigger asthma attacks? It also includes perfume and cologne, which can be deadly. Going green is a great way to protect your child. Start cleaning with natural citrus and vinegar-based products, and use unscented, hypoallergenic, dye and perfume free detergents, and natural materials based toiletries & make-up.

Loves Asthma

If your child is susceptible to colds, flu, sore throats, colds or other lung-related diseases such as pneumonia or bronchitis may be fertile ground for your child to develop chronic asthma. Coughing and trying to irritate and inflame the lungs and airways, causing attacks. Vigilant about specific diseases and work with your child's doctor to have a plan that addresses the risk factors for developing chronic asthma.

Think not Cardio Yoga

Exercise is important for the welfare of children, but exercise can also trigger violent attacks. Yoga can be an excellent alternative because it is a powerful method for training the body to use breathing as a way to calm the body down and in addition it strengthens and tones the muscles and bones. Many people with asthma who caused them to practice yoga to increase time and intensity of attacks.


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