Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga to honour Beyonce

Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga to honour Beyonce
The First Lady and dancing Lady will be paying tribute to lady who sang 'Single Ladies' in Vegas tonight (May 22). Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga will honor Beyonce at the Billboard Music Awards.

Beyonce will be awarded the inaugural Millennium award, the Billboard version of a lifetime achievement award. (A lifetime achievement award for a 29-year old sort of says a lot for the state of the music biz these days).

Beyonce will be treated to praise from Barbra Streisand, Bono and Stevie Wonder as well as Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga.

Beyonce sang at the inauguration of President Obama and also contributed to the President's National Education Foundation.

She has also recorded two songs with Lady Gaga, 'Video Phone' and 'Telephone'.

The Billboard Music Awards return tonight after a 4-year absence.

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