Michael Owen Hoping Survive At Old Trafford

Michael Owen

Manchester United striker was not ready to exit from Old Trafford.

While many spend time on the bench, Michael Owen still wants to continue his adventures with Manchester United's squad for next season.

This is expressed by considering the bond contract with Owens 'Red Devils' would soon end. So far, the club management has not shown signs will soon extend his contract.

But Owen is optimistic after the match finished finla Champions League, his fate could be known, in the hope she would be maintained for a longer time.

"I want to stay because Manchester United are a fantastic team," said Owen.

"I need to know in a week or two weeks away and I will speak with the manager."

He admitted that Manchester United's focus right now is for the Champions League final and he did not want to push yourself to ensure its future in wkatu close.

"This week is an important week, so nothing in it to discuss my future with the manager today, but we'll have a great time to talk about it after the season finished," he said.

Owen defended in two seasons United have appeared 47 times and scored 13 goals.


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