Likupang coast north sulawesi

Likupang coast north sulawesi
A. Overview

Beach Likupang never makes a scene in the surrounding community as well as representatives of WWF in Indonesia in early March 2007. On the beach, a green turtle (Chelonia mydas) is found by a fisherman. Green turtle is an endangered species of sea turtles. Interestingly, this beach is a famous tourist area and of course when the holidays arrive, will be very crowded. Relationship with the sea turtles were endangered, that the beach Likupang as a fairly popular tourist attraction has been able to maintain the quality of both aspects of the preservation of natural and turismenya selling points. He was included in the plan of tourism development between the city of Manado and Bitung municipality.
B. Feature

Likupang Beach boasted to us that he is very charming. How could I not? Walking on this beach, visitors will set foot on the billions of grains of white sand. In addition, the tourist submarine or diving and snorkeling can be enjoyed at this beach. When tired of walking or playing in the sea water, menyebranglah by motor boat to the Marine Park on the island of Bangka. Only about 30 minutes to get there.
C. Location

The beach is located at about 48 km from Manado to the northeast. Administratively, he was in the city of Bitung. Likupang is one of the beautiful beach at the northern tip of North Sulawesi province, or it can be said to occupy the position of the northernmost island of Sulawesi.
D. Access

Beach Likupang relatively far away from the city of Manado. Therefore, to getting there, it helps us to use public transport or private. Public transportation in the form microbus Paal can be found in Terminal 2, the city of Manado. With this microbus, you will get off at Terminal Likupang. And if you have excess money, can hire a car in the nearest car rental services.

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