Lady Gaga feeds fans donuts and pizza

Lady Gaga feeds fans donuts and pizza
Lady Gaga has sent fans who lined up for Saturday Night Live tickets this week donuts and pizza while they waited to score tickets.

Gaga and Justin Timberlake are the special guests on the season finale of Saturday Night Live this weekend.

When Gaga heard after the fans, many of whom had lined up for two days for tickets, she ordered Dunkin Donuts and Famiglia Pizza for all. On Friday she sent coffees and this today met them outside and signed autographs.

Timberlake also went out of the street to talk to fans but refused to sign autographs.

The Lady Gaga album 'Born This Way' album goes on sale on Monday worldwide, except in Australia where retail from the embargo and put the album on sale on Friday, four days ahead of the rest of the world.


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