Jack White may work on Kinks musical

Jack White may work on Kinks musical
Jack White is reportedly in talks to re-record music for Bobcat Goldthwaite's Kinks musical.

The comic and Police Academy star-turned-director Goldthwaite has been planning to turn the Kinks 1976 concept album Schoolboys In Disgrace into a movie musical.

Now Screen Daily reports that Jack White is in talks to re-record the music for the project.

White is no stranger to soundtracking. Not only was his involvement in Danger Mouse's just-release Rome project meant to reflect Spaghetti Western soundtracks but he penned songs for Cold Mountain and wrote the theme for the most recent Bond film Quantum Of Solace.

Word is, Ray Davies of the Kinks has also been appointed as an Executive Producer for the forthcoming Schoolboys In Disgrace, which is promising news.

Howard Gertler and Tim Perell of Warp Films, an offshoot of Warp Records which has worked on Submarine, Four Lions and is distributing the new Australian film Snowtown, are signed on as producers.

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