Health Issues Men Face Top Today

Health Issues Men Face Top Today

Unlike women, men showed concern that very little or nothing at all about their health. This may be one reason why women generally live longer than men. Both face almost similar health problems but the fact that most men die at an early age to prove that they are less conscious about their health condition. There are several major health problem that most men face today, and if men tend to continue to ignore the signs and symptoms and not connected to a specialist for regular examination, they will continue to have a higher risk for disease, and worse, death.

Heart disease is probably the most common cause of death among males aged thirty and above. According to the study, thirty percent of men worldwide have heart conditions. Men who have a family history of heart problems have a higher risk for it, but so do men who live a healthy life style. Smoking, drinking, eating foods high in cholesterol, and life settle-this is a common factor contributing to heart disease.

To fight against heart disease, regular exercise is necessary and healthy eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Regular physical activity can help reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 80 percent, even if you only involve routine walk in the park for thirty minutes every day. Eat foods low in cholesterol, sugar, and salt, is also an excellent way to reduce one's risk for heart problems.

Other common health conditions that men face is lung cancer. Lung cancer is somewhat equivalent to breast cancer for women, and is considered the most deadly form of cancer among men. Over the last decade, lung cancer has claimed the lives of more than all other forms of cancer combined. The biggest factor that contributes to lung cancer is smoking tobacco, although it also can be obtained simply by inhaling secondhand smoke or fumes from vehicles.

There are several ways to treat lung cancer today, including chemotherapy and radiation, although you may want to prevent it altogether by quitting smoking, avoid secondhand smoke, and stay away from polluted areas as much as possible.

The second most common cancer among men is cancer of the prostate gland. No one knows exactly what causes prostate cancer, but with the help of modern technology, the symptoms of the disease can be detected early through PSA or Prostate-Specific Antigen Test. PSA is a type of protein produced in the prostate gland. When high levels of PSA in the blood is detected, it is possible that the prostate will be affected by diseases including cancer. If detected earlier, there is a big possibility that the cancer can be treated.
Last on the list is Type II Diabetes. This is the most common form of diabetes, and while millions of people in the United States alone are diagnosed with it, not all realize that they have the condition. Type II Diabetes results when the body fails to produce enough insulin, or if you ignore the insulin altogether. This causes glucose to build in the blood instead of going into cells. African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Latinos have a higher risk for the condition.

person's age and family history also plays a role in the development of Type II Diabetes. Perhaps the best way to avoid obtaining form of diabetes is to maintain your weight and watch what you eat. Although no food was associated with diabetes, maintaining healthy diet low in sugar should help regulate your body's insulin level. Monitoring your blood sugar regularly will also help you prevent serious complications.

For persons age forty and above, the above-mentioned diseases can sometimes be inevitable. This is especially true for people who live unhealthy lives. Smoking, drinking, overeating, and physical inactivity are the biggest factors that contribute to heart disease, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes. If you can get rid of these practices, you can easily save the types of diseases at bay. Also, if you make it a habit to visit your doctor regularly, you will have a higher chance to avoid some deadly diseases known to man.

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