Foods not allowed during Pregnancy

Foods not allowed during Pregnancy

They can be further refined to: Pizzas; Burgers; Oily diets; chips etc. The most catastrophic diet for a pregnant lady is to consume the undercooked meat because the meat is simply infused with harmful bacterial agents present inside it as they enter the meat with the help of environmental factors such as dust and dirt etc. There occur a serious dysfunction and complication of nausea and diarrhea as the pregnant woman invited miscarriages of having a baby and preterm birth syndrome. The dangerous foods for her to consume are the pig pork; read meat; undercooked chicken; deli meats; raw sea food and sushi etc.

The egg are highly poisonous to pregnant woman as well as food made up of eggs get toxic or creates food poisoning and thus causes unexpected sickness to a pregnant woman. Cookie batter; salad dressing consisting of Caesar; eggnog and even sometimes home-made ice-cream create poisoning of the stomach that directly relates the delicate development of the baby inside the womb. Certain pregnant woman in order to prevent themselves from the disease called Osteoporosis starts a heavy intake of glass full of milk so that during a healthy delivery process there joints and bones structure shouldn’t thin to break easily but the milk consists of the bacteria called as Listeria that is termed a dangerous bacteria of the body and sophisticated immune system. This bacterium is also the part and parcel of other food diets such as: Un-pasteurized juices and different types of cheeses as well.

A particular type of seafood such as: Fish helps in providing omega-3 fatty acids to the body which are extremely important for the body to produce and helps in the development of the brain of the delicate baby inside the womb if a woman is pregnant but acts oppositely too as fish consists of methyl mercury that affects the neurological system of the unborn baby inside the womb. The fishes that consist of increased form of methyl mercury are: The swordfish; tilefish and the predator of the deep shark. A farm raised fish consists of polycarbonate biphenyl (PCBs) which is rather an environmental toxin and thus affect the health of the fetus. The pregnant woman must ensure the label or branding of the product from the market as certain spurious food products are sold very easily with catastrophic results. The toxicities found inside the soft drinks and sugar candies consist of an ingredient called upon as aspartame.

This is rather a chemical product that harms the fetus of the pregnant woman with severe damage to the womb. A pregnant woman must always avoid the heavy intake of alcohol consumption too. As alcohol doesn’t come under food items nevertheless the liquid diet makes it one of the responsible liquid food intakes of the body and such alcohol burns away the delicate veins and muscle formation of the delicate baby inside the fetus of the pregnant woman. The dysfunctional problem is extremely troublesome with no other food intake in a form of late night partying where food items are served without maintaining hygienic conditions thereupon or are served wildly into the natural conditions among the public.


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