Cyber Attacks on Sony PS 3 Continue

Sony PS 3

Hackers aren't giving the Japanese company any quarter in the wake of the PSN attack.

Sony painted a digital target on its back when it went after PlayStation 3 modders, hackers, and root key publishers, and cyber scamps continue to take their shots. Various reports indicate Sony Music Greece and Indonesia are the latest victims, with hackers posting the account information of roughly 8,300 users online.

Reuters, Jiji news service, and CNet report that Sony Corp websites in the two countries were hit with an SQL injection that led to the names and e-mail addresses of thousands of account holders being posted on (since removed).

"There was an online tweet that one page of Sony Music Indonesia's Web site was altered and Sony Music Indonesia shut down the access to such page and started investigation," Sony said in a statement to CNet. "We are investigating the Sony Music Greece matter."

The attacks follow a Friday report from The Wall Street Journal that indicated Sony's Japanese ISP company, So-Net Entertainment, was hacked and pilfered of customer reward points. And there are also reports Sony Thailand's website suffered a security breach and was used for a phishing scam linked to an Italian credit card company.

All this follows the April attack on PlayStation Network that led to the largest theft of consumer data in history -- an attack that Sony says has already cost it roughly $171 million.


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