Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression

Depression is a state of feeling despondent and perennially anxious. Many people attempt to uncover the causes for depression in the hopes of finding a suitable cure, and the answers range from medical conditions to emotional issues. Interestingly, the condition continues to occur despite all our best efforts. The hard thing about it is that it is not always easy to tell which person it will attack next. Even someone who seems somewhat happy one minute can actually succumb to it without his friends or family understanding why. It is really a difficult scenario, both for the person suffering from it as well as those in his inner circle of friends and family.

What truly causes someone to be depressed? Are there common factors that are found among people of all cultures? Is it really so simple or is it much more complex than what doctors usually point out? It is important to find the most common causes because even if you deal with everything else and the root is still around, chances are, even medications will not work effectively. Following is a list of the most foundational causes why someone would start feeling depressed, and each point ends with a suggested solution:

1. Constant fear will likely result in depression in the long run. What kind of fear? This is not talking about usual fears like fear of the dark or fear of dogs, but more often than not, a fear of the future or of the unknown. This often comes about when a person feels like he is an orphan. He may not be one physically, but feeling that there is nobody looking after your future, your provision, or your protection, can cause you to feel constantly afraid. As such, it is important for a person to realize that there is somebody who loves him, who is for him and not against him, and who will give everything up for him. Ancient writings say that perfect love can cast out fear, because when someone knows that he is loved perfectly, he will have no need to fear the future or fear not having enough for the present.

2. Getting burned out from something can also trigger depressed emotions. Burnout does not happen only from physical tiredness, although it contributes to it. Burnout can come about from extreme emotional pressure, such as when something or someone demands too much from you, whether real or perceived. A person needs to know that someone wants to give to him and not just to expect something grand from him all the time, especially if it is something that he cannot give. When he understands that there is someone who would be willing to give him everything with no strings attached, the possibility of burnout is lessened.

3. The most important factor that leads to depression is guilt and condemnation. The two come together, as when one feels guilt about something, he tends to condemn himself. This is a very tricky subject, because every one of us can feel guilty in a variety of ways. For one person, it may take a serious fault like betrayal or stealing, while for another, a simple white lie can make him feel guilty for days. The interesting thing is that this is an emotion that everyone feels. The only difference is that some people have gotten into peace with themselves, and sometimes with the Supreme Being. It is easy when you only feel guilty towards a person because you can avoid that person, but when you feel condemned by the Divine, there is no way out of it. The good news is that many people have found a way to be reconciled to the Divine. Many cultures depend on many human efforts to reach God, which sometimes fails. Christians across the world say the atonement came when God’s Son gave His life for ours. This is perhaps why Christians can enjoy a life free of guilt and shame that everyone else seems to crave.

These causes of depression are common among all peoples, and thankfully they are not a lost cause. When you find yourself struggling with any of these three areas, you can find solutions to them and see yourself being set free from the grips of depression.


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