Asus’ new K series laptop are IceCool


Asus has introduced its new K series laptop, the K53SJ, thatcomes with an innovative new IceCool Technology to keep palm rests cool, placing heat-producing components away from users. Designed with high quality aluminum textures, themachine also features IF Award-winning ergonomic dust-repellent chicklet keyboard.
The K53SJ ships with 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors, as optimized for notebookuse with awesome computing power – in particular as these new mobile CPUs enhancemultitasking, so one can get more done at the same time, more smoothly.

The IceCool Technololgy makes the PC experience cool and comfortable even duringthe longest computing sessions. Exclusive dual-sided motherboard design places hotcomponents on the underside and away from users. Combined with heat pipes and vents,palm rests and typing surfaces stay cooler.

For graphics and gaming, new K Series notebooks deliver the might of NVIDIA discreteGPUs. The ASUS K53SJ comes with NVIDIA GT 520M available for dazzling gaming andmultimedia output, up to 1GB DDR3 video memory on hand to accelerate visuals. Extra-wide dust-repellent keys stay comfortable even during extended typing sessions for improvedproductivity and interaction. Intelligent touchpad distinguishes between palm and fingercontact to prevent inadvertent cursor movements during typing.


The K53SJ comes in elegant color scheme based on premium aluminum textures and offersan expressive combination of technology and style. The highly durable premium aluminumtextures retain their looks and quality even during extensive, prolonged use, allowing one todo more with the K Series in complete confidence.

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