Note the current Diet Calories from Drinks

When on a diet usually people focus more counting calories from food, but drinks also contain calories consumed. To note that the calorie intake from beverages.

Beverages are generally consumed during the diet and often contain calories is the milk and fruit juice, but many people do not realize the calorie content of the drink.

"Even though milk and juice have many important nutrients and become part of a healthy diet, but both have calories as well as from food," says Katherine Zeratsky, RD, LD a certified nutritionist from the American Dietetic Association, as quoted from MayoClinic, Thursday ( 06/16/2011).

As a general rule, adults should not drink more than 118 mL of juice per day and for the milk of 473-710 mL. And a better selection of drinks is water.

If the stomach is not quite full, so snacks of fruit and vegetables fresher for helping with. Fruits and vegetables will be much more filling than juice and contain fewer calories.

In addition to a diet program can be run successfully and healthy, then there are 5 strategies that can be done as follows:

1. Has a strong commitment
To lose weight takes time, effort and commitment of a lifetime. To make sure that you are ready to make some permanent changes and manage them well.

2. Find motivation from within
In order for a diet that could be successful it must be done to please yourself. Therefore find a strong motivation from within that drives you to keep running the program.

3. Make realistic goals
Make a realistic goal in losing weight is about 0.5 to 1 kg per week. If targets are too high and could not be accomplished demoralized that can derail a diet program.

4. Enjoy healthy foods consumed
One way to reduce calorie intake is by eating more plant foods. Try not to release the flavor of the food so as not to lose your appetite and still enjoy healthy food that is consumed.

5. Stay active in sports
One key to losing weight is to burn calories to reduce fat accumulation in the body. For that find favorite sport and try to make variations not to get bored. Besides losing weight, exercise is also beneficial to health.

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