Friendship Tattoo

Remember in the past, when people would demonstrate their love for one another with a high five or perhaps a friendship bracelet? Well those days are history and its becoming increasingly more popular to showcase you're friendship with a tattoo design.

Friendship tattoos are when two or more pals get the exact same design, often in the very same location on each others body. And while this practice is quite clever, we've noticed that a few people are taking this idea one step further and selecting "half" designs, which combined to form one complete tattoo.

Checkout this neat picture gallery of some superb ideas for your very own piece of artwork.

Friendship tattoos aren't just for the ladies, in fact they are quite common among guys, as well as boyfriend and girlfriend, however with any relationship artwork you are most certainly treading on dangerous grounds, with the possibility of a breakup.

It seems like some of the most popular areas of the body for these tattoos include the ankle, foot and wrist, followed by the forearm area.

Like with any body art, its essential to fully think though the design and location, plus when you're dealing with a possible friendship tattoo, you better make darn sure that the partnership is pure and true, because the last thing you want is a constant reminder of some evildoer stamped on your body


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