Blog Clean UP

I have decided to make some changes to my blog. 

Oh Yes, I will still blog in my usual quirky, sassy way with colourful language (that’s just me) but the sexual content will be lessened a whole lot. 

I believe the content of my blogs sends a message out about who I am and what I’m about. 

Yes, I am an open-minded liberal woman but I am also a happily married wife and mum of two brilliant wee lassies who need to be considered. They are also a big part of this blog. I want my family to be able to visit the blog without feeling uncomfortable or uneasy. I may also be entering into another business venture soon and I do not want my name to be sullied in any way.

For these reasons, I will be cleaning up A Daft Scots Lass blog because this is the blog that is associated with my real name. Anyone Googling my name will find it and I don’t want to send a message that will make them doubt my integrity.

I understand that will mean losing followers and I am 100% fine with this. My blog was originally not about rounding up as many followers as possible but lately I’ve become more involved in the statistics behind it and feel that I’m getting “roped in”. I don’t want that. That is not why I have a blog. I have a blog because I want a voice. But I want it to be an accurate voice.

I hope you guys understand why I need to do this.

I may at a later stage start another anonymous blog with all the sexy stuff there…who knows where this will take me.

Normal broadcast will resume on Monday!


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