Shopping Spree and Megan Gets Gold!

My Wonderful Hubby surprised all his gals with a shopping spree over the weekend.  We spent most of the morning at the shops and the girls were so excited to get new goodies.  He gave them each a budget to stick to and off they went!  By the time the girls got what they wanted and needed, I really didn't know what to get.  

Its not like I'm used to spending money on myself for stuff that I don't really need.  I guess that's  how mums think.  We always put everyone else first.  

R then suggested I get another iPod because the one I have has sellotape holding it together and is VERY temperamental.  Its not like it doesn't work so its not something I thought of.   

Anyhoo, long story short, I got a brand spanking new twinkly 8G iPod and Megan and Kaylin each got a new toys and some shoes and clothes.

I ♥ Shopping!

Megan took part recently in the Alberton Eistedfodd and received a Gold for her Poetry Recital.  

Well done, Megz.


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