★10 Days of Bullshit Challenge - Day 10 ★

Awwwww its the last day of the 10 Days of Bullshit Challenge hosted by Destiny at Rockin' Mama★ I've actually had loads of fun doing this challenge and reading everyone else's responses.  A huge thank you to Destiny for creating this awesome challenging...

Day 10's topic is : Write a letter to you at 16 years old.

Hello Wee Lass
This is the Older version of The Daft Scots Lass from your future to firstly knock you down a few notches and tell you that you’re not ALL THAT!  You’re not as badass as you think you are. 
In fact you’re a sad, lost wee lassie.  So, listen up ye wee tart, using boys as your playthings won’t help with your abandonment issues.  Just cross yer legs and concentrate more on school because you’ll be sorry when you don’t get the grades you need to go and study further to get towards your dreams.   
However, don’t be so hard on yourself and believe you can do it.  You’re more talented than you think you are. You are smart enough.  You are creative enough.  You can do it. You can do anything when you put your mind to it. 
Love yerself and be kind to yerself.
When I look at this photo of me at 16 in the 80s, a lot of old buried feelings come flooding back.  I see a wee lassie who had to grow up way too fast, who had to see things she shouldn't have, who had to go through things she shouldn't have. She endured, she concealed but she survived.  This wee lassie wore a mask for a very long time until she felt brave enough to take it off and face those demons.  

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