How to Create Pippi Long Stockings Hair Braids

Going to a fancy dress "P" party today and decided to go as Pippi Long Stockings because its stuff that I'll have lying around the house.

My Boerewors wanted to go as a Penis or a Pussy of course complete with realistic Love Rug.  I said No Fekkin' way!  Besides, he would never be able to accumulate that amount of pubic hair in 24 hours! 

Here is how I got my hair to look like this:

You will need :

Soldering Wire
Hair brush
Bobby pins
Hair Bands

Step 1: Wash your hair the day before you wear the Pippi braids, but not the day of. Having slightly dirty hair helps the style hold. Brush it out well.

Step 2: Part your hair into 2 piggy tails.

Step 3: Measure out and cut a single piece of wire. Find the right length by placing the wire across the crown of your head and making sure it is as long as both pigtails. Then give yourself an extra inch or two on each end, just in case. Bend the wire to match the curve of your head.

Step 4:   Secure the wire with clips then undo 1 pigtail and separate into 3 sections. Braid your hair just like normal, except wrap the wire inside the braid. This means to just make sure that the wire is snug inside each weave of the braid.

Step 5: Secure the end with a hairband. Then braid the other half.  Trim the extra wire from the end of the braids

Step 6: Cover any obvious wire with your hair by using a bobby pin.  Add Ribons to the ends.


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