Conversations With Megan

So Megan and I were talking about bullies at school and what she should do to keep them at bay and let them know that she's not gonna take their shite.  We suggested ignoring them, giving them their own back with an insult but Megan came up with an alternative of her own:

Me :  So what do you do, Megan?

Megan:  I'll just kick them in the Knuckles!

Me: *trying very hard not to laugh*  What do you mean, "kick them in the knuckles?"

Megan:  Kick them between the legs, you know, in the knuckles *blushing*

Me : Well, Megan that's a good idea but that's not actually called "knuckles".  This is your knuckles *holding out my my hand and pointing to my knuckles*

Megan:  Oh okay *whispers in my ear* kick them in the nuts then.

*both laughing*

I guess she's just wanted to be polite...

Now we call it "Kick Him in the Knuckles".


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