Garfield Coloring Pages

 On this blog I've posted a lot of really cool cartoon and anime related coloring pages. But a large portion of them are from this young generation, characters that my kids are fans of. But today I wanted to post something from my generation, something that I'm personally a fan of. And that is Garfield. Here is a great Garfield coloring page to print out, with Garfield holding a big boombox.

Clipart of Garfield with a boombox

I hope the above coloring pages was useful and fun. Keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon.

My kids are a little old for Teletubbies now, but when they were younger they really loved them. They still have a big collection of Teletubby toys and figures, even though they're now hidden away somewhere in the closet. Teletubbies are often laughed at by cynical adults, but there is no denying that the series provides kids with a positive and uplifting message that is family friendly and a good influence on the kids' development. Children's entertainment of this nature should be encouraged and supported in my opinion.

Below you can find a few Teletubbies coloring pages to choose from.

Teletubby coloring page
Coloring pages of teletubbies
Teletubbies coloring page for kids to colour

I hope you and your little ones enjoy the above Teletubies coloring pages!

Continuing on the theme I started last week of Garfield Coloring Pages, today I've uploaded another one - this time a coloring page of Garfield eating some snacks and looking cool. This is one of my favorite Garfield images.

Garfield eating coloring pages<br />

Thanks for checking out the Garfield coloring page. I hope you browse and find lots more coloring sheets that interest you!

Today is another installment in a little miniseries of Garfield Coloring Pages. This time Garfield is kicking it at the beach, just like I wish I was doing right now! But hey, spring is here which means that summer is just around the corner. It's too bad that we humans can just laze around like cats all the time!

Coloring pages of Garfield chillin' out at the beach

I hope the above Garfield coloring page was a nice addition to your stash of cool coloring sheets. Be sure to browse the categories and see what else I've posted.

Continuing the Garfield Coloring Pages theme, today I'm posting a cute coloring sheet of Garfield brushing his teeth. Any fan of Garfield or anybody who owns a cat knows that a cat's favorite past time is sleeping. In this picture Garfield doesn't look one bit happy to be waking up and going through his regular morning routine! At 7am on a work day I know exactly how he feels!

Coloring Page of Garfield brushing his teeth

Thanks for continuing to check out the Garfield Coloring Pages

More Garfield coloring pages! Today's cute coloring sheet shows good old Garfield in a ballerina's tutu! Garfield is probably not at all happy to have himself portrayed in this way, but hey it's all in good fun.

I guess the natural choice would be to color the tutu pink, but I challenge all the kids to be more creative in their choice of colors today!

Garfield doing ballet coloring sheet

Garfield as a ballerina is a funny image! If you have any particularly funny Garfield images, don't hesitate to share them with me and I will post them for all to enjoy.

Another Garfield Coloring Sheet! Surprise surprise. This time it's just a simple image of Garfield at his best, looking very proud of himself as he usually does. As with most things, this classic pose is the best of the bunch because you can use it for any situation.

Coloring Page of Proud Garfield

Glad you enjoyed the Garfield coloring pages! Come back soon!

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