The Ultimate Blog P-A-R-T-Y

 2011 Ultimate Blog Party is being held by 5MinutesforMom from April 1 - 8th.  My Blog Party is a little different from everyone else's...most of you know I LOVE a good party.  The proof is HERE and HERE

But for My Blog Party, I put my feet up, grab a colourful and tastey cocktail and read many of the blogs and Tweeters that link up.  

So, join me and you could win some awesome prizes and find some other cool blogs to start following and reading.

Some others do it THIS way!  Go Gurls, cupcakes, party dresses, the whole bang-toot.

P-A-R-T- Why? Coz I gotta! 

For those new visitors - I'm a straight-talking Scots Lass who blogs about her life as a wife and hard-working mother of two wee gorgeous and busy lassies.  I usually don't have anything profound to say, I don't have masses of giveaways, I just have the priveledge of having some of my followers leave me comments every now and then on the drivell I write.  

I guess you would say I'm "an aquired taste". 

So, if you entertain the regular use four-letter words on your blog and if you're not shy to talk openly about coitus and fellatio then I'm yer gal and stick around for some good laffs.

I huge HELLO to new visitors.  Don't forget to leave a comment or I can visit you too.


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