Ten New Ones from the Rakes

Ten New Ones from the RakesThe rake, one of my favorite new bands of recent years has a new record came out March 19 in the UK, and hopefully not too long sometimes and then here in the United States. It's called Ten New Messages. and produced by Jim Abiss (Arctic Monkey's, Editors, Kasabian) and Brendan Lynch (Primal Scream). The first single, We danced Together will see the light of day the previous week. And as things go today, chances are the whole record will see the light of day before March 19.

Something of a teaser or a stop-gap, I do not know, the LA label Dim Mak Remix rake is put out records on February 20, contains a bunch of remixes of the band's excellent debut, Capture / Release. Remixes song list goes something like:

1. Open Book (Uncle Buck Remix)
2. Binary Love (Loving Hands / Tim Goldsworthy Remix)
3. We Are All Animals (Static Remix)
4. 22 Grand Job (gross Dukes Remix)
5. Work, Work, Work (Weird Science Remix)

While the song list for Ten New Messages look like this:

1. The World Was a Mess But His Hair Was Perfect
2. Little Superstitions
3. We danced Together
4. Difficulty
5. Suspicious Eyes
6. On a Mission
7. Down With Moonlight
8. When Tom Cruise Cries
9. Time to Stop Talking
10. Leave the City and Come Home

When Tom Cruise Cries!? Wondering what's it all about? ...


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