Music Review: XFM’s Best New Bands 2011 @ The Borderline

Music Review: XFM’s Best New Bands 2011 @ The Borderline
Romance (c) Lasse Dearman. Image is from a previous performance.
If you take all Hipsters in Shoreditch and laid them end to end, not only will look funny but the line will probably stretch to the Borderline where last night a Hoxton Expeditionary Force comes with a voice full of cheering on one or another XFM's Best Band New as part of a series HMV's Next Big Thing show.

XFM breakfast DJ David Berry persuaded to stay past bedtime for the night, featuring three bands was praised by the station during the past year. Luna Belle played in last year's Latitude Festival, but we think that the sound they make far more impact in places smaller. Sleeper comes in like a modern day (complete with Sleeperblokes), the lead singer has a voice strong and confident sexual attraction Debbie Harry. Tips for guitarists: if eyeline audience is at the level of your crotch, not wearing tight jeans look good unless, or even if, you all be blessed.

Up next, Romance arrives on stage with a warning: "for those who have never seen us before, it'll be quite the experience." That is nothing but the truth. The music non-stop full on cock-rock. Jamie Lovatt is a modern Billy Idol, all vocal angry, blond hair, chest wax and dangly earrings are fighting for the presence of the stage with bassist Samantha Valentine when he was Melissa Auf Der Maur channel at every opportunity. They are easily the best band on the night for us, just on entertainment value; wall without compromising their sound tour de force, a force to the idea of ??widespread disapproval of the independent music scene as the four children playing indie rock skinny weak in Camden boozer.

Wolf Gang headliners playing rock embarrassed the party by 1990 keyboard-laden hooks big enough to catch Moby Dick. singer is charismatic and unpredictable singer who can not make his mind whether he looks more cool with or without his guitar. Tonight the band just all men, they carry the biggest reaction from the crowd, especially when the stadium the size of numbers like the Lions in a cage or Back To Back get a showing.

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