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Enjoy safe drinking water with Cobra filtration system
Although South Africa’s tap water is declared “safe” to drink, harmful sediments can slip through and may cause health problems over time.
Cobra Watertech – South Africa’s leader in plumbing technology – has developed the revolutionary Aqua-Salus domestic filtration system that removes chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and other impurities. 
The Aqua Salus range forms part of Cobra’s Water Saving Collection, designed to offer economical water usage in light of its going-green commitment.
“The system offers a complete solution which is applicable to domestic households, as the technology encompasses the water supply from ingress to drainage,” says Prisca Mashanda Cobra’s Marketing Manager. 
Cobra is committed to implementing strategic water and energy-saving initiatives to reduce the ecological impact of its operations. A high-level team of experts continually monitor and develop cleaner, more efficient manufacturing methods. They research and develop state-of-the-art water systems, products and accessories designed to offer economical water usage and maximum energy-saving benefits. 
The Aqua Salus filtration system includes a point of use drinking water three-stage filter WM-POU-FILTER, tap WM-215-15, WM-970 mixer and a point of entry course filter WM-POE-FILTER. It is an ultra-efficient system which can be DIY-installed, requires occasional backwashing as well as filter servicing at six-monthly intervals.
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